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The "Polyphenols Reference Database: Stilbenes, Viniferin, Resveratrol and derivatives (PRDb-ISVV)"" database, has been developed at the ISVV (Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences of Bordeaux), by the MIB Lab (Molecules of Biological Interest Lab) of the Oenology Research Unit (Univ. Bordeaux, EA 4577, USC 1366 INRA, IPB, Bordeaux, France).

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The development of "PRD: Stilbenes, Viniferin, Resveratrol and derivatives (PRDb-ISVV)"" database has been supported by the ANR LabCom program StilNov of the French Ministry of Research, by the FranceAgriMer program and the CIVB.

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Count of compounds 897

Count of plants 495

Count of references 702

How to cite us

MIB-polyphenol is offered to the public as a free available resource. Use and re-distribution of the data, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes requires explicit permission from the authors and explicit acknowledgment of the source material "PRD: Stilbenes, Viniferin, Resveratrol and derivatives (PRDb-ISVV)". Users who download significant portions of the database must cite the “PRD: Stilbenes, Viniferin, Resveratrol and derivatives” in any resulting publications.


This database has been built from our expertise in the characterization of stilbenes. We wanted to bring together the fruit of our work about stilbenes and share these data.

We invite you to share your suggestions for improving the content of the database. Your feedback will be truly appreciated.

Some data are in restricted access; do not hesitate to contact us in order to receive access to it.


Tristan Richard : tristan.richard@u-bordeaux.fr (Univ. Bordeaux, Coordinator of the Project)

Josep Valls Fonayet : josep.valls-fonayet@u-bordeaux.fr (Univ. Bordeaux, Scientific Manager)

Grégory Da Costa : gregory.da-costa@u-bordeaux.fr (Univ. Bordeaux, Scientific Manager)


Louis Gougeon : louis.gougeon@u-bordeaux.fr (PhD Student)

Toni El Khawand : toniel_khawand@hotmail.fr (PhD Student)